Will cat pee kill plants? and how to save the plant??

Any plant lover & cat lover out there? If your cat has some access to your garden or your neighborhood cat love to hang out in your garden, you would understand that there are times your cat might pee or poo on your favorite plants.

Here I list a few tips and tricks on how to save and avoid your plant from dying.

Will cat pee kill your plant?

Technically cat pee can act as a fertilizer as their urea contain nitrogen, but too much of it can kill your plants. A few things can be done if this occurs.

If there is only a small amount of cat pee, the first step you would need to do is soak the area in water. If your plant is in a pot, there will be less soil that is contaminated, and much easier to rinse. Soak the pot into a bucket of clean water. Just remember you are wetting the soil not feeding the plant. soak it for a good 5 to 10 minutes and pick it up.

Now rinse down the pot using the hose until the rest of the water come out from the bottom of your pot.

If your plant is planted directly on the garden bed, just directly spray the contaminated area for good 15 minutes.

When you rinse your soil, that means you have remove some of the nutrient too! So what you can do now is add back the essential nutrient to your plant soil.

Now, What can you do to avoid this from happening again.

7 ideas of things you can experiment to avoid them from pee and poo on your garden.

  • Cover the pot with double stick tape so they can’t get in and they don’t like the feel of sticky tape on their paws. You can also ball up tape and layer it over all the dirt.
  • Spray  Vinegar, onions, citrus, and coffee grounds solution to the ground. Cat hates these smell
  • If you can catch them in the act, squirt them with a shot of water from a water bottle. They will learn that you don’t like when they do that.
  • Add large rocks to the pot or garden – big enough they can’t dig up. I have tried this method and it works for me. Cats like to dig to cover up their pee and poo.
  • Add aluminum foil – just lay it with points up. The aluminum will make a loud noise and the cat also doesn’t like the feeling when the cat walks on it.

  • Place plastic forks in the dirt, pokey sides up.
  • Cover the plant dirt in mesh wire – they would not be able to dig it.

Finally, when they seem no longer interested in your plant. You can replace your plant soil with a fresh one.

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