What kind of cat you should get?

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Different cats have different characters. Some cats are very active and requires a lot of attention and time while some love being left alone and unbothered. Choosing the right cat that suits your lifestyle is essential. It is always a good idea to do a little bit of homework before adopting a cat. So, since I have a lot of experience with cats, I would like to share a guide on what kind of cat you should get.

Male cat or female cat

Female or Male

There is a lot of differences between male and female cats when they haven’t been neutered, personality-wise. A male cat will fight for their territory when outdoor and if you keep them indoors, they probably will spray their strong odor scent on your wall or furniture. Your house won’t smell fresh. As for female cats, when they are on heat ( I would say it quite frequently), they will howl very loudly and you will be miserable every time. Trust me, I’m speaking from experience here. ?

The most logical thing to do is to neutered them. Once neutered, they will be become calmer and their personality will be more pleasant.

Purebred or ‘Kucing kampung’

Pedigree cat


I’m sure at any point in your life, you have seen a cat show or been to a cat store and seen a beautiful purebred cat. Examples of purebred cats are such as the British shorthair, Persian, Maine coon, Bengal, etc. There are a few important points to take note if you want to keep a purebred cat. Their characteristic is usually predictable and also their personality. Bengal for example is relatively very active and requires a lot of your attention. You can’t cage them because it is just not in their nature. So if you have a busy schedule this cat might not suit you. There is also a risk of the purebred cat inheriting not-so-desirable traits such as Persian cats tend to have nasal problems because of their foreshortened noses. So if you looking for a purebred cat, do a little study about their background and personality traits (quite predictable) and care guide.

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Domestic Mix breed cat

“Kucing Kampung”

Kucing Kampung or Domestic mixed breed is the one you usually find in a cat shelter or the streets. Since their health history is generally unknown, it is important to get them tested for diseases and vaccinated. But in general, Kucing kampung tend to be healthier, stronger, and smarter than their purebred cousins. Another plus point, “Kucing Kampung” is usually more independent and you won’t find any problem letting them explore the outdoors. But the downside is that their personality is usually a bit unpredictable. Some of them may be quite loving while some are probably a bit aggressive.

Kitten and adult cat

Adult or Kitten

Kitten can provide hours of entertainment and playtime but it often has more needs such as extra care, attention and veterinary care during their early years. So if you are a busy person an adult cat might be more suitable for you. Adult cat can give you as much love and companionship but with very little work compared to kitten.

The older cat usually knows how to use a litter box (other than a stray cat), you would not need to train them. If having peace is your lifestyle, then the adult cat is your choice. Special-need cats also make a wonderful companion given that they have a certain restrictions like blindness or amputee.

One or more cats?

In this case, if the cat you adopt is relatively playful, but you are busy and can’t afford to play with it often, you might want to consider a second cat. A bored cat can display destructive behavior like breaking your things, scratching your curtains, etc. A second cat will become its playmate thus avoiding it from feeling bored.

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