Kai’s FIP Journey – The Rise of the Kai-walker

If you watch Star Wars, the title of today’s post would be relatable and you might have a little chuckle about it 😉 )

Kai is playful again 🙂

The past few months have been a marathon in the the cat carrier for Kai, we’ve been taking him to so many places that he has gotten accustomed to being on the road. In these happier days he just sleeps and looks around at his surroundings. The photo above was Kai over the weekend, as we were on the way to the vet.

When we went to the vet we were on day 15 of the treatment and we were just so happy for the progress Kai is making towards full recovery. At home the clinical signs of improvement is clear – he jumps around everywhere, gives his sister surprise attacks, plays for so long (doesn’t seem to ever want to stop playing), he’s a tank of energy and is constantly asking for food.

This is who he actually is and we haven’t seen this for such a long time, the energy he brings to the house lightens up everyone’s mood but every now and then, you could catch him lying down, next to the wall, if you look into his eyes and he looks into yours, at the moment he slowly blinks, saying “thank you, please help me fully recover” – it is at this moment that you could still tell that he is still not 100% healthy.

Despite clinical improvements, we knew we needed the numbers to confirm it. We have so much hope for Kai and it’s still early days but the results of his bloodwork showed us that there is indeed a light at the end of the tunnel.

The results of the blood work and his vet check up has been so positive and so encouraging, we are so thrilled!

  • Bloodwork is getting exponentially better – HCT is at 21.2% vs 13.6% when we first started, meaning he’s still anemic but getting closer to healthy range
  • WBC count is now in normal range
  • Weight is up to 3.69kg from 3.2
  • Vet confirmed that Kai‘s vision is back!!

At the beginning of treatment we were told it’s uncertain if his vision would ever come back, and if it did it would happen gradually at later stages of treatment… but here we are, 15 days in, with vision restored. It truly is a miracle.

We honestly could not have done if it weren’t for the people who contributed, the people who donated, the people who helped us and taught us, the vets at the clinic and the people who supported us and pushed us and motivated us, we thank you for your efforts so far and we ask for your continued support and contribution, in any way you want. From the bottom of our hearts, we say thank you.

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Blogpost written by Coco

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