Diil Retractable cat leash (3 meter)


Size: S-3m : Under the application of 10kg

  1. Solid Casing
  2. Ergonomic design make the grip very comfortable
  3. The material use will be able to last long time.

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The retractable cat leash is made from High Tensile Nylon Materials make it easy to handle

Retractable cat leash with solid Casing:

The Casing is of Durable ABS Engineering Plastics, Sturdy & with Special Bearing Resistance to Falling. One-Touch Control makes Automatic Retractable possible. It’s very convenient for the control of your cat or (small) dog’s distance from time to time, for daily use and Sudden Situations.

Comfort Handle on the cat leash:

The Ergonomic Design makes the Grip very Comfortable and Labor-Saving. TPR rubber material on the retractable cat leash offer an excellent resilience and wears resistance. The Skid resistance and shock absorption performance behave well, too.

Wear durable:

The Plastic Bayonet is scientific designed to avoid the wear of the traction belt after long-term stretch. The Fine Plated Metal Hooks, Durable, and won’t scratch the leash and pet collar. It’s very safe for your cat or (small dogs).

Additional information

Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 16 × 10 × 3 cm


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