Limited Discount Bundle: 2 Cat Candy Nutrilick (Salmon) + 12 Royal Canin Wet pouches


What you will get in this bundle

  • 2 Boxes Of Cat Candy Nutrilick and any 1 choice of your cat favourite Royal Canin Wet Pouch
  • Royal Canin Wet Intense Beauty Pouch / Royal Canin Wet Instinctive Pouch / Royal Canin Wet Kitten Pouch / Royal Canin Wet Sterilize
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Cat Candy Nutrilick Premium Atlantic Salmon

Feeding Guide

  • 6 Months Old and below you are advised to feed them 1 tube per day
  • 6 Months Old and above you are advised to feed them 2 tubes per day
  • Unwell Cats any kinds you are advised to feed them 1 full syringe per day
  • *If your cats are on medication, only feed them their dose of cat candy 3 hours after taking their medicine.
  • *Cat Candy is not suited for cats that are pregnant or have kidney problems.

Inside the Box of Cat Candy Nutrilick

Each Furvit Cat Candy Nutrilick comes with 40 sachets of 5g Nutritional Cat Supplement

Royal Canin Wet Pouch

  • Made for Adult cats aged 12 months and above
  • Nutritious meaty chunks with aromatic gravy

Feeding Guide

Cat’s weight Wet pouches only per day Wet + dry food per day
3 kg 2.5 1 pouch + 20-25 g dry food
4 kg 3 1 pouch + 35-40 g dry food
5 kg 3.5 1 pouch + 40-45 g dry food
6 kg 4 1 pouch + 45-55 g dry food



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