Delizios Bonito Wet Food (80g)

Delizios™ Bonito Wet Food

Delizios™ 100% White Meat Selection is produced with human-grade bonito white meat tuna.
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Delizios™ Bonito Wet Food

Delizios™ 100% White Meat Selection is produced with human-grade bonito white meat tuna.

Premium Human Grade Ingredients

As pet lovers ourselves, we are dedicated to ensuring your cat gets the best quality food and the ultimate indulgent experience. We believe in providing uncompromising pet nutrition so you can have more meaningful memories with your beloved cats.

Bonito White Meat Tuna

Delizios™ 100% White Meat Selection is produced with high quality sustainably sourced bonito white meat tuna to ensure your cat gets the ultimate indulgent experience.

Premium Cut Chicken Breast

Our Chicken range is made with the finest cuts of high-quality lean meat with high levels of protein to ensure a healthy diet.

A Unique Feeding Experience

We strive to innovate new feeding experiences which help develop a closer bond between pet owners and their pets. Staying true to our philosophy, we create finely crafted products with the health and well-being of your cats as our core foundation.

100% Real Meat

Finely crafted products with no artificial flavourings. Made with real tuna and real chicken for the ultimate indulgent experience.

Finest Selection Topping

Delizios™ 100% White Meat Selection has a wide selection of unique toppings to match your cat’s preferences. We constantly explore new feeding experiences so your cat would never get bored with their food.

Luxurious Broth & Nutritious Jelly

For those who love soup and those who don’t, Delizios™ got you covered with a selection of prime cut Bonito tuna or chicken breast.

Feeding Guideline:

Fresh Water should always be

made available. Recommended Feeding Guideline only. The amount may vary by breed, age, activeness & environment.

Store Delizios™ 80g in cold & dry place.

Once opened transfer content to a lidded container, store in the refrigerator and use within 2 days.

Nutritional Analysis:

Protein 12.0%
Fat 0.2%
Moisture 85.5%
Fibre 1.0%

Additional information

Dimensions 3 × 5 × 5 cm


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