Kai’s FIP Journey – Injections, Injections, Injections

We are at Day 17 of Kai’s GS Treatment. YAY!
Here is where we are at:This is more or less one of many outcomes for the last 17 days of us trying to find the right spot so that we can inject Kai. Our earlier days were much simpler, oh how we wish it was as simple as back then. These days, we are met with an overly cautious and future-seeing version of Kai.

This is what we are looking at every night before we inject Kai, so we have to pinch the top of the skin (subcutaneous) and pull it up, this will make a shape of a tent and inject half of the needle at a 45 degree angle into the top half of the tent entrance. Yeah, we feel so cool and smart *cat parents put on sunglasses*.
Despite of how cool we feel, WE ARE TERRIFIED! Too deep and we might hit a muscle (results is blood and some damage), too shallow and the GS leaks back out. Every night we deal with the uncertainties of hurting our cat or wasting this liquid gold of a treatment by it leaking back out.

Enter our Vet! To the Rescue!This is what a typical injection needle looks like, it has a cap/lid to protect the needle from contamination. obviously. Our vet said, CUT THE NEEDLE CAP as much as depicted in the picture so that not all the needle goes in and if the cat moves, it won’t go deeper.

THIS has been our confidence booster, our saviour and our hack, if you ever find yourself in our situation; YOU DO THIS!This and some creamy treats will save your life, you time and your soul.. and the cat’s, literally. Trust us, really.

Big thanks to our vet and the people who continued to donate and contribute to support and help us. We appreciate it so much!

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