How to stop your cats from peeing outside their litterbox.

Cat is a very cute and clingy creature. But one thing we understand too well as a cat owner is a pain when they start to pee EVERYWHEREEEEEEE. The agony is right. First we need to understand why cat pee outside their litterbox.

1. Marking their territory

2. Medical Product

3. Stress

4. Dirty Litter box

I mean we love them to death, but the smell of the pee is just horrible.

Here 8 tips on How to stop your cat from peeing outside litter box

How to avoid your cat from peeing outside their litter box.

1 . Always clean the litter box

Cat is a very hygienic creature. We always see them cleaning after themselves. This would apply to their litter too. Try to clean their litter box as often as possible every time they are done with their business.

2 . Avoid stressing your cat

Many things could stress your cat. It could be a new cat in the house, a new family member, or even a baby. Give some time for your cat to adjust to the situation.

3 . Spray a cat repellent

Cat repellent is easy. Usually, this product is used to avoid the stray cat from peeing on your house wall. You can use this indoor but make sure the cat repellent doesn’t use any dangerous chemical that could harm your kitty. So make sure to read the ingredient first.

4 . Remove any cat pee odor

In the event, your cat has peed in several places inside your home. Make sure you clean it up thoroughly. Cat is very sensitive to smell, so even if they can sense a little bit of their pee they will pee there again. So, ladies, this is where that bleach comes in handy. 

5 . Spray using Citronella aka Serai Wangi

“Serai Wangi” is an insect repellent. Little that everybody else knows, it also can remove any strong odor because the smell of “serai Wangi” itself is very strong. Personally, for me, the name speaks for itself “Wangi”. 

“serai wangi” spray. available at any hypermarket

6 . A mixture of vinegar and water

Everyone has these in their house, I mean even if you don’t have these you can always get them from a nearby Speedmart. Mix these two inside a spray bottle and voila! The strong smell of vinegar is used as “camouflage” for the smell of your cat pee.

7 . Neutered your cat

For obvious reasons, the reason your cat keeps peeing on random places is that they want to mark their territories. Especially if they are male cats because cats are territorial creatures. An easy solution would be to simply remove the hormone. DONT change the position/type of cat litter

Cats love routine. They HATE changes, especially indoor cats. To avoid any sudden change of their litter or the placement of their litter. Check back if you recently move their litter box. That could be the culprit.

8 . Choose the right litter box

There are many litter box designs. The question is which one is right for your cat. Most cat usually prefers an open, low ramp litter box. But if you choose an enclosed litter box. Make sure it is large enough to fit your cat. Especially, the fluffy one. You see, base on research done in the April 2013 issue of the Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery, 70 % of cats don’t show any litter box preference. 

SO as long as you clean it often. You’re good to go. Just make sure it’s big enough space for your cat.

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