? Handmade, own one of a kind items. MarVal Tiffin

Fur Republik would like to announce a new category for our 1 month old company. Handmade, what is handmade you may be asking? It is items that are made not for mass but unique cat themed pieces. Each item is an work of art and each comes with its own story an uniqueness.
We felt there is a need of a marketplace that can be a platform for artists can sell their wares and skills at prices they are comfortable with. And being the home of the cat people. Our site visitors which is now breaching the 1.5k a day and growing shows the potential to reach the right audience for your cat themed products.
We are sourcing for more makers that will be joining Fur Republik over the course of the coming weeks and months. Imagine us like a cross between a pet store selling fast moving pet goods, and etsy ?. Our first of many handmade items comes from MarVal


(Mardiana and Valarie) duo team of young architects that also has a talent of making this hand made tiffins below (cool huh?)

It is important to note that this handmade items have longer wait times. This is because most items listed are made to order. Do read the details or enquire directly to the artist which you can do via whataspp on their personal pages in Fur Republik.
In directly we also just shared our second news of the day. Apart from handmade, we also have personal pages for brands and artists. This pages will help house the brand on their page. Also allow these people to write articles for the fur republik site.


We shall end the blog post here today. From the fur team. Have a great week and much love to all.

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