7 reason why cat is better than dog

#1 Cat only took a small space

Cat doesn’t require a lot of space to strive. Taking care a cat, especially if you live in a small house or apartment would be a lot easier compare to having dogs inside your house. As long as you have a small space enough for their litterbox, food and water. your cat would be comfortable.

#2 Cats are quieter

Well cat can “meow” quite loud but it would not bother your neighbor as much dogs do. I mean you have to admid, even the smallest dog bark can do have loud bark. while cat certainly make a louse noise too especially at night, those “meow” certainly wont disturb your neighbour and your 8 hours sleep.

#3 Cat don’t smell

Unlike dogs, cat don’t have a strong odor like dogs. Well they do have a scent, that’s how cat recognize each other. But their odor is not as strong as dogs.

#4 Cat can poo and pee inside a litterbox

contrary to dogs, cats only require a litter and best part is you don’t even have to teach them. It is in the instinct to do their business on a sand. Unlike dogs, you need to take them outside to do their business.

#5 Cat can entertain themselves.

You can leave your cat alone at home and don’t have to worry coming back. Cat are relatively independent and they can play alone. With enough toys, they can entertain themselves for hours.

#6 Cats understand personal space

There are days when we feel stressful and may not have the mood to play with our pets. Unlike dogs that will always breath and stand at your neck, cat doesn’t require your constant attention. While cats may have a bed reputation for being cold, cat understand the concept of personal space.

#7 Cat can literally heal you body

It has been said that owning a pet can reduce stress and make you live longer. The frequency of their purring also has been shown to have positive effects on healing broken muscle and bones.

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