5 things you need for more cat-friendly apartment

Let’s get the fact right. House is getting smaller, and for pets lover out there, this can become a bit of a problem. Especially if you live in a high-rise house apartment where space is very limited for you and your beloved pets. There are ways to create cat-friendly apartment. .

5 tips on how to create a cat-friendly apartment

Despite living in small space we can always create a cozy home for our furry friend. Let start out with basic their basic needs


put your cat litter in the ideal spot. this would include ideal for your cats to do their business and also ideal for you to clean it up. 

personally, I would suggest crystal type of litter for small apartment. The reason behind this would be because the litter would absorb the moisture from the cat poop and also the smell. Of course over time when the colour has changed from white to yellow you would need put on a new litter, but still. this kind of litter considers low maintenance as you only to pour a new one every 3 weeks if you have 1 cat.  But if you want to opp for more eco-friendly option you can always consider Tofu Litter.  This one also can last up to 3 weeks for 1 cat usage.

Link to Crystal Litter here

Link to Tofu Litter here


somehow cats have a six scense on which piece of furniture that we love the most right? and sometimes despite investing in scracthing post they still love to scrach on that beloved piece of furniture. 

The key here is to try to analyze the reason behind this. For example, the sofa is often get targeted by the cats. There are a few reasons behind this, probably sofa offer stability and large surface area. Try to search for a wider scracthingscratching post with solid stability so it would not move much. This stimulatestimulates the feeling of scratching on a sofa. 

Location too can be the culprit. It may not be the post but could be the placement of the post. The point is keep experimenting till it works out.

Link to Cat Scratching post here


Kitty cat need exercise too, especially a house cat.

Cat is a very curious creature. They love adventure and often we see them investigating every creek around their living area. Since you live in an apartment, it is rather difficult for them to get access to the outside world. So what you can do as a cat owner is prepare adequate toys for them to play with. It could be a laser pointer, a moving battery-operated mouse, or even an exercise wheel. 

These are a few cat toys that I use

Link to cat Toys here


Shelving unit can maximize small space. You can always DIY it yourself and it would be like their own “Penang Escape Park”. Some more cats love high place and having some sort of shelving unit would allow them to have their own special place. 

If you want to make it more cat-friendly. Put it somewhere near the window. I promise you they will love them coz mine 7 years old cat love them too! She spend most of here waking hour there. 

If making a shelving unit a bit technical, you can always opt for a cat tree. Plus it can become a scratching post too.


If your apartment has access to the balcony, construct a barrier around your balcony. This can be done with any sturdy mesh that suits your furry friend’s strength and size. Safety is very important when you staying in an apartment with your cat. Whether you stay on the 2nd floor or 20th floor. Make sure your balcony is cat-proof for their safety. Better be safe than sorry my friend. 

Creating a cat-friendly apartment is the process of creating a home for our little furry friend. After all, they are part of our family. 😘

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